Sick ‘Dead Celebrities’ Trend Is Killing Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, And More

TikTok is “killing” celebrities – and the results are chaotic.

The platform’s latest twisted trend shows people reacting to fake celebrity death announcements, ‘Candid Camera’ style. In each of these morbid videos, the person filming the prank breaks the fake “news” to friends and family members. They pretend to read the news online, then film the reactions of outrage, shock and sadness that ensue.

In one video, the voice behind the camera proclaims, “Oh my God. Cher is dead at 81,” while a group of people at a party yell, “Nooo!

In another video, a young prankster tells her mom: “Jon Bon Jovi dead at 60, heart attack.” His mother reacts by shouting, “What?! Get out of here!” Another poster that tried to fool his friends about Bon Jovi was met with the stunned reaction: “Shut the fuck up!”

A scene from one of those viral “fake celebrity death” TikToks.

Cher and Bon Jovi, like most of the other celebrities in those viral videos, are still alive and well.

Another girl filming one of these sick videos claims she is also reacting in shock to the fake news. “Oh my God, Howard Stern is dead at 68,” she says as a man watching TV – presumably her father – shouts a “What?!” in response.

In another video, a woman driving a car with her friend gasps in mock shock and says, “Zach Efron is dead at 35.” Her friend starts banging the seat as she cries out in tears, “Nooo!”

A woman who looks shocked.
A prankster’s mother reacts to the fake news of a celebrity’s death.
A prankster's mother reacts with stunned outrage in one of these fake celebrity death videos.
A prankster’s mother reacts with stunned outrage in one of these fake celebrity death videos.

The videos vary in detail, with some pranksters making up a fake cause of death such as a heart attack, while others don’t specify the causes. Most of them seem to have researched the exact age of the celebrities, to add credibility to their “ad”.

“Telling my mom that Stevie Nicks is dead (she was NOT thrilled),” read the caption of another video.

The commentators were not amused. “I almost cried!!!” one wrote, while another said, “You better sleep with one eye open,” and another commented, “NAH THIS IS AWFUL.”

In another such cruel video, the person filming it proudly proclaims that they “ruined Christmas” for a group of Springsteen’s biggest fans. At a dinner party, she “breaks” the fake news that Springsteen has perished at age 73. The people she films cross themselves, gasp in shock, then angrily ask, “Why are you laughing?” because the person filming is clearly tickled by cheating.

When she reveals it was a joke, angry partygoers shout “Booo” and even throw bread at her.

Viewers were amused by the women crossing themselves. “Springsteen father, son and home,” wrote one commenter.

Although most of the videos were completely tasteless, at least one had a fun and unexpected twist.

In one of the clips, a person announces the “shocking” news of Michael Jackson’s death.

Although the person they are filming reacts with surprise, it seems that they haven’t caught up with pop culture, since Jackson has been dead for more than a decade, since 2009.

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