‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Stars Tease ‘clusterf-k’ Grandma Brawl

Bring on the grandma drama.

When the cast of “Teen Mom Family Reunion” invited their moms to join Season 2 of the MTV spin-off, they didn’t expect the group of grandmas to go wild in an all-out brawl.

“There was, like, multiple things in one night, and it turned into a clusterf-k!” Jade Cline tells Page Six exclusively during a virtual junket.

“It wasn’t just, like, an incident,” adds the 25-year-old, whose mother, Christy, was present for the mess – despite apparently not being part of it.

“It was like a domino effect, if that makes sense.”

As seen in a preview for the show’s second episode, Briana DeJesus’ mother, Roxanne, yells at Ashley Jones’ mother, Tea, “Your daughter is a bully!”

The cast of “Teen Mom Family Reunion” teases a shocking grandma fight that takes place in Season 2.

A screenshot of Catelynn Lowell, Jade Cline, Kiaya Elliott, Maci Bookout and Evan Real on Zoom.

The cast of “Teen Mom Family Reunion” teases a shocking grandma fight that takes place in Season 2.


In response, Tea, a pastor, yells back, “I’m coming for your fucking fucking ass!”

While the sequence of events remains unclear, Jones, 25, is captured spitting on DeJesus, 28, amid a heated verbal exchange. Jones notably shoots his saliva at DeJesus after the latter tells the former to “suck my d–k.”

Things almost seem to get physical between the mix of young mothers and grandmothers, as security guards and production members step in to defuse the situation.

A screenshot of Jade Cline on Zoom.
“It’s become a clusterf-k!” says Jade Cline.
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Roxanne and Tea were at odds due to their famous daughters’ ongoing Instagram feud. After the ladies of “Teen Mom” ​​made a pact not to attack each other online by the end of “Family Reunion” Season 1, Jones continued to hit on DeJesus on the internet.

Additionally, Jones and Tea have beef with “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” star Kiaya Elliott and Elliott’s mother, Tiffany — also due to the social media discord Jones has sparked.

Elliott, 19, teases Page Six that she and her mother are also involved in the on-screen smash-ups with Jones and Tea.

An explosive fight involving Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus – along with their mothers – breaks out on the MTV reality show.

Tea shouting on "Teen Mom Family Reunion".

An explosive fight involving Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus – along with their mothers – breaks out on the MTV reality show.


“It’s a shame because I didn’t expect things to turn out this way or that people would have so much hatred or resentment towards certain people or be so indifferent to people’s feelings,” she says.

“That’s the part that hurt me the most, because I feel like we’re all in this together and we should have stayed together. And we didn’t. I feel like we all leave each other in some way.”

However, with the help of life coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant – aka “Coach B” – Elliott explains that the “Teen Moms” and their mothers were able to make substantial, albeit temporary, progress during filming.

A screenshot of Kiaya Elliott on Zoom.
“Teen Mom Young and Pregnant” star Kiaya Elliott and her mother, Tiffany, also find themselves at odds with Jones and Tea.
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“We got together after a little minute, though…and we did a whole bunch of stuff and forgot [the fight]“, shares Elliott. “We created a whole bunch of new memories that go beyond this bad memory. So, [I’m] very grateful for the experience.”

Franchise OG Maci Bookout – whose mother, Sharon, was unable to attend the Oregon getaway – tells us she did her best to avoid any middle-aged melee.

“You know, at first I was like, ‘I’m going to stay here because I don’t want my ass whipped today,'” Bookout, 31, laughs.

A promotional poster for "Teen Mom Family Vacation".
“Teen Mom Family Vacation” returns on January 3.

When everyone got along, however, Bookout was thrilled to get to know his co-stars’ mothers.

“Honestly, I don’t even like to think about the fight or talk about the fight. I had so much fun getting to know everyone’s mother,” she says. “And I feel like I could really relate to girls and…why they are the way they are or how they came to be as women.”

Bookout clarifies, “I absolutely love all of their moms. They were a mom to me on day three. So that was great.

“Teen Mom Family Reunion” Season 2 — also featuring Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, Cheyenne Floyd and Kayla Sessler — premieres Tuesday, Jan. 3 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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