Tennessee police discover 76 dogs living in abandoned house: report

A residence in northwest Tennessee in deplorable condition was home to 76 dogs, which were removed from the home by local authorities on Monday, according to reports.

The Animal Rescue Corps, or ARC, was sent to the home to help the Dyer City Police Department with what the Washington, DC-based nonprofit described in a Facebook post as “a case of serious and urgent cruelty”.

The message said there were 75 or more dogs and puppies left in “a filthy, rotten house”.

“The owners moved out and only came back to feed the animals,” the ARC said. “The dogs were left alone, dealing with overcrowding, fighting and some of the worst ammonia levels the ARC has seen to date.”

Inside the house were dogs of all ages and sizes.

There were puppies as young as three weeks old, pregnant mothers and senior dogs with dementia.

“They have all been severely neglected for some time and have numerous untreated injuries and conditions,” the ARC post read. “This is a case of cruelty, the animals have been seized and the ARC is documenting the cruelties and creating evidence packages, with all animals directed to the ARC rescue center outside Nashville for emergency care.”

NBC station WSMV in Nashville reported that the dogs were living in inhumane conditions and suffered from emaciation, dental disease, fur loss, parasites, numerous infections and skin inflammation.

The Dyer Police Department did not immediately respond to requests for additional information.

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