The City of Regina Opens New Community Center in the Heritage Neighborhood – Regina

A newly revamped community center was unveiled at a grand opening in Regina’s Heritage District.

The Mitakuyé Owâs’ā Center in the Héritage district is a place for community engagement while preserving heritage.

The name Mitakuyé Owâs’ā is Dakota Sioux, meaning “All my relations” and is a common expression among the Siouan languages.

Regina’s mayor says the center’s name is unique and recognizes the history of the Sioux people on Treaty 4 territory. “I think it’s a wonderful idea. And part of our job is to tell the truth, but also to acknowledge history,” said Mayor Sandra Masters. “The Mitakuyé Owâs’ā Center demonstrates the City of Regina’s commitment to community engagement, recreation and heritage preservation.

The Center is a space for the community to book one-time or ongoing meetings, events and/or programs, according to a release.

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“The space has already been used to host HCA’s Harvest Moon festival and the Mitakuyé Owâs’ā Center is expected to host many other programs and events from the city, HCA, RPS and others organizations,” the statement said. “Additionally, the City is excited to be able to offer programs such as drop-in basketball, a free evening program for teens and Indigenous storytelling events.

Through the Municipal Economic Development Program (MEEP), the province funded $7.5 million for the Mitakuyé Owâs’ā Centre, while the federal government and the City of Regina funded the remainder of the costs.

“The heritage community is very important, and I think that’s reflected in the name,” said Government Relations Minister Don McMorris. “Congratulations to the City of Regina, the federal government and ourselves for investing the money and building this facility that will be used by all ages.

The executive director of the Heritage Community Association (HCA) reported numerous consultations within the community and various organizations to make the Mitakuyé Owâs’ā Center a reality. “This has been a true collaborative effort to ensure that this building is state-of-the-art for this community and for the city as a whole,” Wendy Miller said. “For HCA, this is really exciting. We are leaving the old fire station, which is another heritage building, to move into this heritage building. So that provides a lot of opportunity within our community and really for all the agencies around us.

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