The disastrous departure of Nick Foles was the latest debacle for the Colts team on the road to nowhere

The Colts crossed out the “Nick Foles starts a game” space on their 2022 bingo board, and the results were consistent with anything he’s done since his magical 2017 Super Bowl run with the Eagles. Foles threw for 149 yards and three interceptions, and the Colts looked more lifeless than usual, losing to the Chargers, 20-3.

Yet interim head coach Jeff Saturday said after the game that the starting quarterback position was still Foles’ – despite having the second-lowest offensive production of the year.

“Six more days until you’re back there,” Foles said on Saturday, according to The Athletic.

It’s another strange development in a season that has been full of them. Indianapolis was widely considered a playoff team and possible contender heading into the season, trading for veteran Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in the offseason. However, the debacles follow one another since the beginning of the regular season.

Nick Foles
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Ryan was benched for second-year quarterback Sam Ehlinger in October, with head coach Frank Reich receiving the ax soon after. Reich was surprisingly replaced by Saturday, who had no prior training experience. Ryan was then reinstated, then benched again for Foles.

The Colts, now 4-10-1, head into the offseason with no stability — and no idea of ​​a quarterback or head coach.

The quotes coming out of the locker room after Indianapolis’ “Monday Night Football” loss reflected a confused bunch.

“It’s tough. What’s it like, Week 16?” wide receiver Parris Campbell told The Athletic.[Foles] never planned to play. You have to give him a thumbs up. Yeah that wasn’t the result that everyone wanted today but to be able to prepare to go and play a game and mentally prepare so late in the season where our season is you gotta have him taking his hat off because that’s what the professionals do. ”

jeff saturday
jeff saturday
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When Foles himself was asked if he was looking forward to starting a game for Indianapolis this season, his response was blunt.

“When I came here it was Matt Ryan’s team, and I still think Matt is a great player. I think Matt’s world,” Foles said. “So the answer is no. … I never fretted because I was there to support Matt, and I wanted Matt to succeed.

“I don’t think anyone expected that,” added Sam Ehlinger, sitting alone at his locker.

No one expects to be 4-10-1 at the end of the season, and that reaction was surely more focused on the team’s lack of success throughout the year than the one that’s just starting. at quarterback. Still, it’s hard to find a messier team in the NFL than the Colts — and Monday Night did nothing better.

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