The noise of the REM train line “absolutely very loud” for those who live near the railway tracks – Montreal

Several people living near the REM routes to the South Shore complain that noise remains a significant nuisance and reduces their quality of life.

“It’s absolutely very noisy and it’s not comfortable,” Claudine Jean, a Montreal resident, told PKBNEWS.

Jean lives near the railroad tracks leading to the South Shore and says the constant noise from trains running 20 hours a day is annoying.

“Sometimes I have to close my window, it’s too noisy in my room,” Jean said.

REM officials are planning three public information sessions later this month to address some of residents’ concerns and offer solutions.

But Jean questions the engineering behind the design and manufacturing of an electric transportation system that remains very noisy.

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“I don’t understand, in the 21st century, why it’s so loud,” she said.

The lines to the West Island and off-Island should enter service by the end of next year.

Some district mayors hope that REM officials will have learned from their mistakes and can make adjustments before trains start running in their neighborhood.

“Now that we know the impact that this has had on the South Shore, for example, it is certainly not late enough for them to be able to put some of these measures in place,” said Jim Beis, Mayor from the Pierrefonds-Roxboro district, to PKBNEWS. .

The backyards of many residences in western Montreal overlook the elevated roads.

Officials say now is the time to find solutions to the noise problems before the trains start running.

“We see what happened. We are learning from it and we are trying to position ourselves so that this does not happen in our community,” Alan DeSousa, mayor of the borough of Saint-Laurent, told PKBNEWS.

People just hope that REM officials will find quick solutions to put an end to the noise problems.

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