The problems of the rich of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez: “He stole my trainer”

Lauren Sanchez – a curvy, curvy helicopter TV host and Emmy winner – caught the world’s attention when her relationship with billionaire Jeff Bezos went public in 2019.

The couple share a historic Beverly Hills home that they bought in 2020 from media mogul David Geffen for a whopping $165 million. They also have a home in Seattle and another in Washington DC which Bezos, who owns The Washington Post and has fueled speculation he will buy the Washington Commanders, bought for $250 million in 2013.

According to a new interview with WSJ magazine, the couple fell in love with aviation, specifically the helicopter rides that Sanchez piloted.

“It’s one of the only places where I feel completely in control,” Sánchez Sanchez told the WSJ.

The couple walked the red carpet at the annual LACMA ART+FILM gala last November.

On dry land, Sancez’s influence on the Amazon founder is evident even to casual observers — especially when it comes to his physical transformation from nerdy tech titan to buff media mogul.

“He stole my trainer!” she says of her fitness guru Wes Okerson. “Jeff is extremely dedicated to his workouts. I mean, you have no idea. He really puts in the work.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos relax on a boat in late 2022.
Sanchez and Bezos relax on a boat in late 2022.

He also has a great sense of humor, she says.

“Is he really funny?” He makes me laugh all the time. He can be clumsy,” she said.

If Bezos experienced a physical metamorphosis thanks to Sanchez, he helped her to tighten up her management style.

Lauren Sanchez opens up at the WSJ.
Lauren Sanchez opens up at the WSJ.
Daniel Jack Lyons for WSJ. Magazine

“Living with Jeff is like having a master class every day. What he taught me a lot was management. Biggest advice? I hold a lot of meetings and talk first in a meeting and he would say, ‘No, no, no. You’re the boss. You speak last. You let everyone speak so they don’t get swayed by your opinion.’ less than an hour if you can,” she said, adding that he could read documents for hours and become more efficient.

“It’s the best experience I’ve ever had. I’ve always had a very separate career from my partner. I now think I can work with my partner and be with him all the time…. We love being together and we love working together. He helps me with [a] book,” she added.

“We fly together. We work together. We are always together.

Lauren Sanchez for WSJ Magazine.
Sanchez opens up at WSJ Magazine.
Daniel Jack Lyons for WSJ. Magazine

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