The Saskatchewan harvest is almost complete, almost 70 percent of the crops are in the bins

Saskatchewan’s harvest has progressed well above average, with 68 percent of this year’s crop already in the bins.

The September 5-11 harvest report shows growers making significant progress despite light showers.

“Southwest is almost 93 percent complete. The Mid-West is not far behind with a completion rate of 78 percent,” the report said.

“The East Central and North East regions are now past the halfway point, with 54 percent and 55 percent completion respectively. Northwest continues to make great progress, with a completion rate of 39 percent.

With the end of the harvest in sight, the report shows that harvests are up significantly from the province’s 10-year average of 48 percent. For example, field peas and lentils are 96 percent harvested, while 78 percent of chickpeas have been harvested.

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Barley is now 86 percent complete, durum wheat 88 percent complete, spring wheat 75 percent complete and oats 58 percent complete.

“The triticale harvest is almost complete with 99 percent of the harvest. Eighty-nine percent of the triticale harvested was used as livestock feed. Producers are now turning to the oilseed crop, with 84 percent mustard, 42 percent canola, 31 percent soybeans and 25 percent flax in the bins. the report said.

Across the province, the quality of peas, lentils and durum wheat is slightly above the ten-year average.

Growers have recorded crop damage over the past week, due to light frosts in the north, drought conditions in the south and locusts.

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