TikToker Brianna Chickenfry: I think Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship is ‘fake’ and ‘performative’

Not everyone believes Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the real deal.

In fact, TikTok user Brianna Chickenfry thinks the mega-famous couple’s high-profile relationship is “fake” and “performative.”

During a recent conversation with his “BFFs” podcast co-hosts, Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, Chickenfry questioned the way the pop star and Kansas City Chiefs tight end conducted himself over the weekend. last during Swift’s Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

While performing her hit song “Karma,” Swift, 33, changed the lyrics from “Karma is the guy on the screen, who goes straight to my house” to “Karma is the guy from the Chiefs, who goes straight to my house.” Me”.

Videos taken by excited attendees showed Kelce, 34, grinning from ear to ear before bringing his hands to his face in shock.

The TikToker questioned the way the couple behaved during the pop star’s Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The singer’s father, Scott Swift – who was standing next to the NFL star – even turned to Kelce and applauded him as they danced together in their VIP tent.

After the concert, Taylor waved to her fans as she left the stage, then ran into a smiling Kelce for a big hug and a kiss on the lips – their first in public.

“I feel like the more they do things like this, I think it’s wrong,” Chickenfry, 24, admitted to Portnoy and Richards. “They do it for the cameras, right?

Swift changed the lyrics to “Karma” to shout out the Chiefs player.
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The two then shared their first public kiss on the lips.

After some pushback from the guys, she explained, “Not, like, wrong, but why do they do that?” This seems performative. Change the lyrics, jump into his arms just as he’s waiting offstage for everyone to see?

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Portnoy and Richards informed Chickenfry, real name Brianna LaPaglia, that the Grammy winner had “never changed the lyrics” of her tracks or “mentioned names” amid other romances.

“So maybe she’s just really in love,” the Barstool Sports influencer conceded before doubling down, “but I don’t know, it’s kind of… she’s never done anything like that. “

“Maybe she really is in love,” Chickenfry finally conceded.
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Chickenfry, who is dating country musician Zach Bryan, wonders why the athlete couldn’t have “just waited behind the stage.”

“Does Zach ever jump into your arms like that after a show?” Richards, 21, asked, while Portnoy, 46, added: “Like, he never sang has you during a song?

“No,” she replied. “Maybe we’re not ‘End Game.’

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