Tom Sandoval accuses man who appears to have attacked security guard in wild video

Tom Sandoval apparently tried to play the hero when an unruly guest started throwing things at security.

In a video posted to TikTok on Friday, the 41-year-old ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star charged at a man who had thrown his drink in the direction of Sandoval and a security guard at an official event that evening.

After throwing the liquid away, the unidentified man quickly grabbed a chair as the reality star ran towards him, raising his hands in what appeared to be an attempt to defuse the situation.

The bar owner then tried to snatch the chair away from him.

While it’s unclear how involved Bravolebrity was in the heated exchange, security quickly grabbed the distressed man, at one point by the throat, and escorted him out of the building as a Sandoval in a tuxedo stood troubled.

Tom Sandoval was seen intervening in a heated exchange at a party on Friday night.

Although it appears the client threw their drink at Sandoval, the original poster for the TikTok video posted a separate article on Saturday to clarify what really happened.

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“I don’t think Sandoval was initially involved in the fight, that’s not what it looked like,” TikTok user Megan Plays said in the video.

“I think this guy just wanted to be on TV.”

Tom Sandoval trying to take a chair from a man.
The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star in a tuxedo charged at a man after he threw a drink in the direction of Sandoval and a security guard.

Before the TikTokeuse started filming, she remembers the man picking up a vase of flowers and throwing it at the security guard.

In an attempt to ‘escape’ the security guard, the man then picked up what she claimed was a gla*s of wine to throw away, which is when the business owner TomTom intervened.

Following the brawl, the TikTok user noted that the cast of “VPR” — who were filming Season 11 on location — left the event and other guests followed suit.

Tom Sandoval trying to take a chair from a man.
While it’s unclear exactly how involved Bravolebrity was in the fight, Sandoval appears to be trying to defuse the situation.

She noted that she wasn’t sure if anything happened “in the parking lot” after the cast left.

The aggressive display may have ruffled a few feathers for now, but this isn’t the first time the cast of “VPR” has seen drama since filming resumed for season 11 of the hit Bravo series in June.

Following an explosive cheating scandal involving Sandoval, his then-girlfriend Ariana Madix, and Raquel Leviss, the Most Extras frontman was seen reprimanded by an actor last month.

Tom Sandoval trying to take a chair from a man.
This wild exchange comes as cameras have resumed filming season 11 of “VPR”.

As the cameras rolled, “VPR” star Scheana Shay settled into the Bravolebrity outside of SUR in West Hollywood. While most of the exchange was inaudible, part of the video shows Shay shouting at Sandoval, “…if you hadn’t fucked Raquel!”

However, the upcoming season will not feature 28-year-old Leviss as she decided not to return after Scandoval.

We’ll see if the animated display of the drink-drinking party animal makes it to the screen when the show airs next year.

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