Trace, Miley Cyrus’ brother, launches bizarre speech and shames women with OnlyFans accounts

Miley Cyrus’ older brother, Trace Cyrus, made a bizarre speech, claiming that women on OnlyFans can’t have fulfilling relationships with “good guys with morals.”

“There are so many girls who do Only Fans who lost their chance to settle down with a good guy with morals,” he said. wrote on Twitter Wednesday.

“They will try to label these men as uncertain because they have standards. They get a lot of attention from the guys on OF so they think they have options. But any man who is so desperate to see s****l content that he is willing to pay for it is a hopeless loser,” he continued.

Trace said successful men will have s*x with these girls but “don’t want to marry them.”

“I see a lot of these girls speaking out on this now saying they can’t have a serious relationship,” he added. “It’s because men see the value in these girls just for s*x. They don’t look at these women and a*similate their value as a future wife, mother or faithful partner.

The musician launched a long rant on Twitter on Wednesday.

The former Metro Station guitarist, 34, noted that he knows “some amazing girls” with OnlyFans accounts who “are really good people”, but he thinks they are going to have a “lonely future”.

“I just think this independent mindset of not needing a man is extremely toxic,” he wrote.

“I hope more girls keep talking about it so other girls know the risk of going for it,” Trace concluded. “Having a good man and a family will bring you more happiness in old age than OF ever could. »

Miley and Trace Cyrus at an event.
Miley Cyrus’ brother says men don’t view the creators of OnlyFans as a “future wife, mother, or loyal partner.”
Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Splash News /

Trace Cyrus on a motorcycle.
Trace also called men who pay for OnlyFans content “desperate losers.”

The ‘Shake It’ hitmaker was quickly inundated with responses from people calling him ‘b***h-shaming bullshit’ and an ‘E-list celebrity’.

The post drew backlash from several people, including “Teen Mom” alum Farrah Abraham, who has an OnlyFans account that costs $3.24 a month.

“Yet men have accounts OF with marriage, family, etc. Balance and branding are real…forget limited and uncertain mindsets @tracecyrus,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

A selfie of Farrah Abraham.
Farrah Abraham was among those who criticized Trace.

    Farrah Abraham in a field of flowers
“Every woman and every man can have an OnlyFans and have a fulfilling personal life,” the “Teen Mom” alum wrote.

Trace replied sarcastically, “I was defeated. The smartest woman of this generation put me in check. I withdraw my initial statement. Every woman in the world should have an OnlyFans.

In response, the former MTV reality star joked, “Every woman and every man can have an OnlyFans and have a thriving personal life, thank you @tracecyrus. »

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The son of Billy Ray Cyrus and his then ex-wife Tish Cyrus double on his “overwhelmingly positive and wonderful advice” which he says has “triggered” everyone.

“The only thing I learned here today is that there are extremely unattractive people on OnlyFans. I had no idea there was a market for it,” he wrote.

Find Cyrus with his mother and sisters at his wedding.
The former Metro Station guitarist, whose parents are Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus, then doubled down on his position.

“I stand by everything I said. I will never read another response to anything I post here. Most of you made it clear that you weren’t smart enough to refute my statement without verbal abuse or swearing.

It comes less than two weeks after Trace joined Miley, 30, and their sister Brandi Cyrus, 36, at Tish’s wedding to ‘Prison Break’ star Dominic Purcell.

Tish’s son Braison, 29, and daughter Noah, 23, were conspicuously absent from the nuptials in Malibu, Calif.

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