Trudeau says Canada joins EU research program, signs water bomber deal – National

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada is joining the European Union’s $100 billion scientific research program, called Horizon Europe.

Trudeau offered few details about Canada’s participation in the deal this evening as he hosted the EU’s two top leaders in St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, for the 19th EU-Canada summit.

Trudeau also said during his opening speech that Canada had reached a deal to build water bombers and ship them to the EU, after both regions faced devastating wildfires in the summer last.

European Council President Charles Michel said the two-day summit comes at a difficult geopolitical moment, as the war continues in Ukraine and Israel and Hamas fight in the Gaza Strip.

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He says the unrest highlights the need for Canada and the EU, two long-standing allies, to work together on issues ranging from peace and security to combating climate change.

Trudeau is expected to hold formal meetings on Friday with Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Ottawa and Brussels began negotiations over Canada’s membership in the Horizon Europe program a year ago, with the initial goal of signing an agreement last spring that would come into force this calendar year.

The program has seen countries including New Zealand and Israel sign up for part-EU-funded research projects, covering themes including digital industry, healthcare and climate innovation.

Entrepreneurs from the St. John’s area were among the crowd that filled the small bra*serie where Trudeau hosted his European counterparts.

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The Prime Minister recognized them by announcing Horizon Europe, which he called “the largest research and innovation mechanism in the world today”.

“This is about research and innovation that will create a better future for all citizens,” Trudeau said.

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