Van body stolen from funeral home dumped 100 miles away in Chicago alley

A cold-hearted crook stole a van from an Illinois funeral home – then dumped a corpse that was in the back more than 100 miles away in a Chicago alley, cops say.

The vehicle, which had the body of an unidentified man in the back, was stolen on Saturday afternoon from Collins & Stone Funeral Home in the town of Rockford, the police said.

The van arrived the next day in Chicago – but without the body inside, cops said in an updated alert.

Late Monday – almost a day after the van was discovered – the police said that “the body of the deceased man from the stolen van has been located” in south Chicago, two hours and 104 miles away from where he was snatched.

An anonymous 911 call alerted cops to the body, which was dumped in an alley behind several abandoned homes, CBS News Chicago said.

The body was eventually found dumped in a Chicago alley, about 100 miles from where the funeral home van was dragged in Rockford.

Police in the Chicago alley where an abandoned corpse was found.

“Damn, they stole a body? said a neighbor who watched police search the alley.


police tape where bundles of discarded corpses were found in a Chicago alley.

The body was found in an alley next to several abandoned houses a day after the stolen van was located.

Police tape where the abandoned body was found in Chicago on Monday.

The body was discovered while in a body bag in the van, CBS News Chicago said.


It was discovered, suggesting the scammer had removed it from the body bag it was in, the local outlet said.

“Damn, they stole a body? a shocked neighbor told the outlet, saying she felt “sorry” for the loved ones of the dumped dead man.

Collins & Stone Funeral Home in Rockford, Illinois.
It is unclear how the van with the body in the back was stolen from the Rockford funeral home late Saturday.

It was not immediately clear how the van had been swept away, or whether the scammer knew a body would likely be in the back.

However, Rockford police have released footage of a suspect in the robbery, showing a man dressed in all black – including a hoodie – except for white gloves.

Suspect footage.

Rockford Police have released footage of this suspect.

Suspect footage.

The man is seen dressed in all black, including a hoodie, except for a few white gloves.


Suspect footage.

He is wanted for stealing the van as well as abusing a corpse for moving the body without permission, CBS News Chicago said.


He is wanted for stealing the van as well as abusing a corpse for moving the body without permission, the CBS station said.

The funeral home did not respond to requests for comment, the local station said.


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