Vancouver housing motions to be heard at council, including Shaughnessy density proposal – B.C.

Housing issues continue to plague Vancouver, which is nothing new, but several new motions attempting to resolve the crisis are expected to come before city council on Wednesday.

Advice. Christine Boyle has her eyes on the Shaughnessy neighborhood, as it is one of the least densely populated neighborhoods in the city.

The neighborhood is currently protected by a municipal land-use policy that limits new housing construction, but Boyle believes there is an opportunity in the low-density area.

If pa*sed, staff would be tasked with creating a plan to add much-needed housing as well as businesses and services to bring Shaughnessy’s density to the city average by 2050.

Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim is also proposing that city staff expand Vancouver’s real estate development mandate to include work on middle-income housing.

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Another motion is also expected to be presented by Council. Lenny Zhou, who wants staff to work with the school board in hopes of increasing housing density around schools with lower enrollment numbers.

This would focus on “family-oriented housing” as the school district has generally seen a decline in student numbers over the past 25 years, despite an increase in Vancouver’s population.

An a*sociate professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business believes Boyle’s motion for the Shaughnessy neighborhood will pa*s.

“I think it will pa*s. I think the council recognizes that zoning mansions that you might see in a far-flung suburb makes no sense in one of the most expensive cities in the world facing a housing crisis,” Thomas said Davidoff.

“It’s a beautiful neighborhood…You’d hate to lose the trees and some of the more significant historic structures, but, of course, there’s a way to integrate the rest of the neighborhood in a sensitive way.” »

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