Vehicle theft is on the rise in Canada and Manitoba. Here’s how to keep yours safe – Winnipeg

The number of vehicle thefts in Manitoba isn’t as high as last year, but that doesn’t mean it’s low.

In the capital alone, the Winnipeg Police Service said 2,292 vehicle thefts were reported this year between January and August, down 9.6 percent from last year’s 2,535 reports, but 11.1 percent above the five-year average.

Manitoba RCMP said there was a similar trend in its jurisdiction, with 1,624 vehicles reported stolen since the start of the year. That’s 100 fewer than last year, but above the five-year average.

Ewald Friesen, director of government and community relations for CAA Manitoba, said the increase is a national trend. “According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a car is stolen every six minutes,” he said.

“Often when it comes to car theft, you have to keep in mind that there are generally two categories. There are crimes of opportunity, and then there are other alarming trends linked to organized crime.”

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Lorraine Sommerfield, an automotive journalist, told 680 CJOB that Canada is “basically the shopping basket of the world.” They send in their wish list, and organized crime picks them out of our pockets – usually the most expensive ones. Now Winnipeg is joining that line.

She said people are buying expensive vehicles, “and it’s those vehicles — the big SUVs, the fancy pickup trucks — that are the ones that are coveted by these other places in the world.”

Sommerfield and Friesen said the most stolen car was the Honda CRV.

Last year, the Equity Association reported that the five most stolen cars in Canada were the Land Rover Range Rover, Jeep Gladiator, Lexus RX Series, Honda Pa*sport and Acura RDX.

“Give yourself a clear indication of the risk you have with your vehicle,” Sommerfield said.

Friesen said there are ways to prevent car theft.

“Obtain an anti-theft device like a club, or a Faraday box or pouch. Park your car – keeping that car out of sight and out of mind, whether it’s a garage or further away from the street. Install a tracker in your car, so if your car is stolen, you can help law enforcement find it,” Friesen said.

“You can install an immobilizer, which would ensure that no one starts your car without your key fob present. Finally, lock your doors and windows and remove valuables from your dashboard and backseat.

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Sommerfield said the biggest problem is keyless fobs. “We need keys because now they interrupt the signal (and) they can steal them very quickly. What took half an hour takes two minutes.

Friesen said the Faraday box can help with this.

“It’s a box, or a pouch, that blocks the radio signal from your key fob,” he explained. “This prevents things from hacking your signal and gaining access to your vehicle.”

Manufacturers should take the lead in preventative measures like this, Sommerfield said. “Why do I spend $60, 70, 80,000 on a vehicle and then spend another few thousand dollars on an immobilizer and locks? »

A club is among the least expensive options, she said.

Friesen said manufacturers of many modern cars install immobilizers. “You can, of course, install these aftermarket parts, but we encourage you to check your car’s warranty before installing one, as this may impact your car’s warranty.”

Even with preventative measures in place, Friesen said, “if this car thief is determined, he will find a way.”

He said to be prepared in the frustrating case your car is stolen. “Write down your (vehicle identification number). Make sure you have the details. Take a photo of your car to give law enforcement a little help finding the car after the fact,” he said.

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Before you do anything else, Friesen said if your car is stolen, call the police.

“You would never want to put yourself or a family member in danger. Get law enforcement involved,” he said.

Further advice on preventing your vehicle from being stolen is available on the CAA website.

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