Video shows masked suspects fleeing with $15,000 worth of merchandise from Mississauga – Toronto store

Dramatic video, shared with PKBNEWS, of a brazen broad daylight robbery at the Universal store at Westwood Square in Mississauga, Ont., shows three masked suspects rushing in, with one displaying a gun at an employee behind the counter.

“This one jumped on the counter, broke the windows, took the jewelry…. A guy showed my employee the gun. She was very terrified. She was very scared and she was screaming,” said store owner Kaleem Muhammad.

He said it happened around 1 p.m. Monday, just moments after he left the store to go to the bank, leaving the employee inside alone.

“They took the money, they took the jewelry, they broke the gla*s and damaged some things. And then they left and they ran away,” he said.

The employee managed to run out of the store and was unharmed.

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However, another person who was inside the mall at the time was injured.

“The guy was coming out of the toilet. What they did, they hit him in the face. He was bleeding. Terrible. And he had nothing to do with them. And they just hit him,” Muhammad said.

Peel paramedics confirmed to PKBNEWS they treated a man for minor injuries at the scene.

Muhammad said the suspects took about $15,000 in foreign currency and jewelry.

He is most concerned about the security of his store, noting that he specifically chose its location because of its proximity to a police station.

“I got this place because I thought it was a more secure place in the mall and we could do business freely here. And we are safer because right next to us is a police station,” he said. “We never imagined this could happen in such a safe place. »

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Last Friday, shortly before 5 p.m., four masked men were caught on surveillance camera breaking into a Port Credit store called Pure10.

And two hours later, four masked suspects robbed a cell phone store at Square One Mall.

Peel Regional Police detectives are investigating whether the same men are responsible for both incidents.

Muhammad said he had heard about the thefts and was worried his store could be next.

“We had a feeling something was going to happen here and it happened yesterday,” he said.

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