Vince Wilfork rips Mac Jones’ frequent outbursts: ‘Tired of seeing him’

Patriots legend Vince Wilfork thinks Mac Jones should show “some balance” as New England’s starting quarterback.

The former nose tackle’s comment comes after Jones’ frequent displays of frustration in games throughout his second campaign. As the Patriots fight for a wildcard spot, Wilfork believes Jones needs to “control what you can control” as New England enters a vital period of the season.

“I’m tired of [it]. You are a leader of this team, you are a quarterback,” Wilfork said. NBC SportsBoston on Jones’ antics. “You can’t be frustrated every week, every game. I don’t care if you get the game call late or anything…

“At this point, I’m tired of seeing him. I think a lot of other people are tired of seeing it and I’m here to say it: we’re tired of seeing it.

Besides Wilfork, former Patriots star Julian Edelman also picked up on Jones’ antics, saying the sophomore signalman makes “little pissed off faces” when things don’t go his way.

Jones defended himself from being outwardly emotional, telling reporters he was naturally going to be passionate and he tries to “do everything right” while playing. The 24-year-old, however, was recently fined for unsportsmanlike conduct after being sacked against the Bills.

Mac Jones’ frequent outbursts have drawn scrutiny among Patriots legends.
Michael Owens/Getty Images
Vince Wilfork with the Patriots.
Vince Wilfork with the Patriots.
Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Patriots quarterback also came under fire last Sunday for acting on a poor decision play that led New England to lose to the Raiders 30-24.

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