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Steve Clark appeared contrite to reporters at Queen’s Park within 24 hours of an Integrity Commissioner’s report which revealed the housing minister had failed to provide proper oversight over the greenbelt land swap.

“We’re putting a plan in place to create that trust and earn it back.”

But Clark says he will not step down as minister responsible for housing in the province. Meanwhile, in the heart of his home constituency of Leeds-Grenville, Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, people like resident Joan Foley still support the career politician.

“He’s been good here, he’s been nominated for a long time,” Foley said.

Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Ted Hsu said Clark should resign and called for a public inquiry to shed light on the scandal.

“You can have a commission that can compel witnesses to testify under oath and also demand the production of documents,” Husi said.

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Even his constituents, like Foley, are wary of some details of what has quickly become a problem for the government. “I don’t think getting rid of green spaces is a good idea. We lose it quickly.

But that hasn’t shaken the support of people like Peter Trought for the man who has represented them at Queen’s Park since 2010.

“I don’t think it should be something that’s going to… completely dislodge him from his position or anything,” Trought said. “He started young and became mayor of Brockville, he did a lot of good things”

And while Clark doesn’t appear to have any issues with his constituents, the RCMP is weighing whether or not to open an investigation into the Greenbelt land swap, which could mean Clark will have to answer more. of questions.

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