Warning for Saskatchewan. hunters leave as dry conditions are expected until fall

As fall approaches in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation and the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association are expecting drier conditions and issuing a warning as hunting season begins.

The organizations are asking hunters to take extra precautions, adding that the wildfire risk is expected to remain above average throughout the season.

“While the majority of hunters are dutiful in minimizing their impact, prevailing dry spells, sporadic rains and persistent high winds provide a worrying backdrop for potential out-of-control wildfires,” said Darrell Crabbe, director General of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.

“We urge hunters to remain vigilant in these conditions, as even small oversights could have disastrous consequences. »

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“Amid the increased risk of fire this hunting season, we urge all hunters to exercise increased vigilance. Precautionary measures include having an accessible fire extinguisher in your vehicle, obtaining landowner consent before crossing their property, minimizing excessive vehicle idling, and strictly following established trails and roads. said Chad MacPherson, executive director of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association.

Looking at the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency’s fire risk map, even though parts of northern Saskatchewan rank low on the chart, much of the province is still at moderate or high risk. .

As of Tuesday, 47 fire bans in rural municipalities were in effect across the province, 16 fire bans in urban municipalities and one fire ban in a provincial park.

There are 18 active wildfires in Saskatchewan, bringing the total to 423 wildfires so far this year. The five-year average is 362.

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