Why Kendall Jenner Isn’t Interested in Creating a Beauty Empire Like Her Sisters: No ‘Pa*sion’

She sticks to tequila.

Kendall Jenner may be one of the most famous faces in the world, but while her sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are creating billion-dollar beauty brands, the 818 Liquor founder revealed in a new interview on Wednesday. that she could be excluded from beauty. business.

“I love doing my makeup, playing with it, and learning from makeup artists on set, but I’ve never really seen myself in a lab creating products,” the 27-year-old model told W magazine in an article by blanket.

“I think I’ll leave that to the pros who know what they’re doing and have a pa*sion for it – like my sisters,” she added.

Indeed, her younger sister’s Kylie Cosmetics brand has made money – she sold a 51% majority stake to Coty for $600 million in 2019 – and skincare brand Skkn by Kim of Kim was valued at $1 billion when she sold her own 20% stake to Coty. .

Kendall rocked faded bangs with a bra top and jacket in the magazine.
Mert AlaÅ
Kylie Jenner founded her cosmetics brand in 2014.
Kim’s KKW Beauty line later transitioned to Skkn by Kim.
Getty Images for ULTA Beauty / K

While Kendall has teamed up with Kylie for a special collection and is the current L’Oreal Cosmetics Amba*sador, she’d rather be the face than the brains behind the makeup.

But even though beauty brands may not be in her genes, Jenner – who poses on the cover of the magazine’s fall fashion issue in a lifted white Dior tank top ($890) and leather skort black ($3,900) – said being a boss is definitely .

“I come from a long line of businesswomen — even my grandmother and great-grandmother had their own businesses,” she told W. “I watched them when I was very, very young, and I saw my mother finding her way. She never had any training to do the things she did. She just took over.

Kendall’s Tequila 818 quickly sold out after its 2021 launch.
Hulu/Hollywood Archives/Avalon
She starred in a stunning black-and-white photo in W’s fall fashion issue.
Mert AlaÅ

For more Page Six style…

After launching her wildly popular 818 tequila in 2021, the catwalk star said she learned that “her energy affects everyone’s energy” and that when it comes to the workplace, “it’s It’s about keeping it positive, uplifting and really motivated”.

As for her modeling career, Jenner — who joins Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Anok Yai, Mona Tougaard and Liu Wen for W’s fall issue – said she’d like to follow in the footsteps of two OG models.

“Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford are my inspirations,” she says. “I love how they moved with the cla*s and aged with the cla*s. These are two people I would like to model my career on, pun intended.

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