Wild video shows car hitting Florida cop cruiser during traffic stop

A Florida sheriff’s deputy prophetically warned a group of men to pull away from a busy highway during a traffic stop – just seconds before a driver rammed his police cruiser.

An Ocala sheriff’s deputy stopped the car at 11:30 p.m. on Highway 484 on Nov. 26 and removed the occupants of the vehicle, officers said in a Thursday Facebook post.

Another deputy arrived to help his partner and advised the group to pull away from the dark highway for their own safety.

“Come on the grass, man, I don’t want you getting run over between the cars, in case someone hits us,” a deputy tells them over body camera footage.

Moments later, footage shows a car slamming into the police vehicle and rushing straight into the space where the men were standing, bouncing them out of the way.

A group of men dive clear after a car rammed a police cruiser during a traffic stop.
PKB 35 Orlando

“What did I tell you boys?” the officer is heard telling them after the impact. “I just told them it could happen. And then it happens.

The department released the video footage Thursday to encourage drivers to stay a safe distance from active roads during stops, stalls or crashes.

A group of Florida men pull away from a car during a traffic stop.
A deputy warned them to move off the road moments before the crash.
PKB 35 Orlando

“Fortunately, no one lost their lives in this case, but far too many rescuers are losing their lives due to motorists failing to comply with this law,” the message read.

The near-fatal crash comes months after an illegal migrant driving a front-end loader allegedly struck and killed a former Florida congressman.

Deputy Mike Hartwick was working on a construction site when the incident happened, the attacker was taken into custody shortly after.

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