Woman gives birth to daughter at 50 Cent concert

We’re going to party like it’s your… birth!

It seems some people will go to great lengths to sneak into a 50 Cent concert without a ticket.

Page Six has learned that a woman recently gave birth to a daughter during the rapper’s show at the RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater in Washington state.

Sources say arena medics attended to a woman in the crowd who appeared to be in distress, only to discover she was in labor and too far along to move.

So we were told that staff formed a “human curtain” around her until workers could find sheets to create some privacy while Itty Bitty Fiddy made her grand entrance.

“The little girl was born on site, and the mother and child were then taken to hospital,” we are told. “According to the latest report, everything is fine.”

While it may seem like an unlikely turn of events, fans giving birth at concerts can be oddly common.

We were told the ventilator was too far gone to move, and the arena medical staff delivered the baby right away.
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In fact, a woman recently gave birth to a son after going into labor during a Pink concert at Fenway Park in Boston, Ma*sachusetts (and, impressively, walked nearly a mile to the hospital after failing to find a taxi due to concert traffic.)

In 2022, a woman gave birth to a son at a Metallica concert in Brazil, just as the band sang its signature song, “Enter Sandman.” (Unfortunately, it appears the parents did not name the child Sandy.)

50 Cent’s tour has been eventful.

Obstetric hurdles aside, Page Six previously reported that another little one (in this case, Lil Wayne) stormed out of his show at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, after a staff member at the tour would have pushed him out of the wings.

He was supposed to join the “In Da Club” rapper as a surprise guest at the concert.

50 cents
We’re told both mother and child are doing well.
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Meanwhile, on the same show, Fiddy himself caused major trouble after throwing a microphone, accidentally hitting a radio personality in the forehead.

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