You can now play disc golf at the Ken Reid Conservation Area – Peterborough

You may think the golf season is winding down, but if you play disc golf, the course is open year-round and you can now play at the Ken Reid Conservation Area in Lindsay, Ontario.

“Members of the public have contacted us and asked us to consider putting in a disc golf course,” said Melissa Creasy-Alexander, conservation area technician.

“It gives guests a fun and exciting experience here when they come to the conservation area, but it’s also very pa*sive and low maintenance for us,” she said.

She now says the trail, called Nature’s Edge, has attracted new visitors to the conservation area.

“We have had many guests who may not have come to Ken Reid before come and enjoy the disc golf course and through that also experience other features of the conservation area.”

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The course has nine holes and was made possible by a federal tourism grant. Creasy-Alexander said he worked with a disc golf course designer to limit environmental impact and integrate the natural landscape into the course.

“We really wanted it to fit right into the neighborhood,” she said, adding that there was also an educational aspect.

“Each T-shirt is dedicated to an animal that you might find here at the Ken Reid Conservation Area,” she said.

“We did our best to design the t-shirts to match either the characteristics of these animals or the habitats they are found in.”

For example, hole number two is named after the white-tailed deer and the hole features a curved path reminiscent of an antler.

If you’ve never played, the rules are pretty simple: Start at the designated “practice disc” and count your shots as you move toward the basket at the end of each hole.

And there’s no need to worry if you don’t have the right equipment. Creasy-Alexander said the conservation area has kits you can use for free. Just call ahead and make a reservation.

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“Inside our kits we have six discs, two games each. You get a map of the course and an area to keep score,” she said, noting that the course is also free, but there is a charge for daytime parking.

And whatever your final score, she said the real victory is spending time in nature.

“Even if you don’t do well at the game, you still get a nice walk through the woods.”

For more information on Nature’s Edge Disc Golf, you can visit the Ken Reid Conservation Area website.

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