Operation Menai Bridge: Explaining the Plan for the Death of King Charles III

King Charles III ascended to the throne after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022.

More than a year into his reign, the royal family received shocking news that Charles had been diagnosed with cancer after surgery in January 2024 for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In April 2024, it was reported that the King’s health was deteriorating and that plans for his funeral were being updated.

“When talking to the King’s friends in recent weeks about his health, the most common response was… ‘It’s not good,’” reported Tom Sykes of the Daily Beast.

A friend of the king claimed that Charles was “determined to beat the disease and they are doing everything they can,” adding: “Everyone remains optimistic, but in reality he is not well. More than they are letting on.”

As Charles’s health problems continued, plans regarding the future of the throne were made under the name Ramsay.

Find out more about Operation Menai Bridge below.

What is the Menai Bridge procedure?

Operation Menai Bridge was the code name given to the former Prince of Wales to indicate his death. It is also the name of the world’s first iron suspension bridge in Anglesey, Wales.

The way Operation Menai Bridge would unfold after Charles’ death would be similar to the plan for the 10-day Operation London Bridge, the code name used for his mother Elizabeth.

Preparations for Charles’ death reportedly began after he a*sumed the throne, according to former royal protection officer Simon Morgan.

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He told Al-Youm in September 2022: “Unfortunately, as of tomorrow morning, planning for the Menai Bridge operation will begin in earnest.”

“Even the king said in his acceptance that he would a*sume this role as long as life allowed him to do so. He’s 73 years old, and that’s got to be on your mind, and from the police, we’ve got to start planning again for the future.

how do you want Menai Bridge Operation Unfold?

After Charles’ death, his eldest son, Prince William, becomes next in line to become king and William’s wife, Kate Middleton, will become queen consort.

Several people will be informed of the King’s death – including his family, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Secretary, other senior ministers and officials and the Privy Council Office – by his Private Secretary.

The royal family will then issue an “official notification” to alert the public, and there are stipulations in place on how officials can alert others about the news.

The Cabinet Secretary will send an email to ministers and senior civil servants, and after receiving the message, flags in Whitehall will be lowered to half-mast.

The Prime Minister will be the first government official to make a statement, the Ministry of Defense will arrange a gun salute, and a minute of silence will be announced for the nation.

The Prime Minister will then meet new King William, who will broadcast live to the nation, as his father did when Elizabeth died.

In the days leading up to the King’s funeral, there will be several plans in place for different officials to mourn him while his coffin lies in state from the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

Charles will be buried in the royal vault at King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle.

What changes are made to the Royal Family website after the death of the King?

According to Politico, the royal family’s website will change to a black page containing a short statement confirming the king’s death.

“The UK government website – GOV.UK – will display a black banner at the top. All government departments’ social media pages will also display a black banner and change their profile pictures to their respective departments’ logo,” the outlet added.

Why do royals need code names?

The code names were originally given to members of the royal family to prevent news of their deaths leaking to the press before they were officially announced.

Now they are becoming more common.

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